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"Jill had a significant impact on our daughter’s journey. Jill has the gift of being able to connect with ease, creating a relationship which provided the foundation for our daughter’s confidence and progress. Despite the work of learning to speak seeming an insurmountable challenge, our daughter enjoyed learning to grow within Jill’s play-based approach.  With Jill’s intervention, our sweet girl was able to finally share her thoughts!  As a parent, I appreciated Jill’s expertise in her field, her guidance through community resources, her honesty, and her ability to give us manageable “homework” each week. She always prioritized our goals and truly listened. Jill’s support and skill helped our whole family feel successful and we will be forever grateful we found her!"

- Jamie S.

"Jill will always have a special place in our family’s hearts. We had the pleasure of working with her for two of our children over the course of multiple years. What could’ve been considered a stressful time in our lives, Jill was always supportive and put us at ease. Some of the things that stood out to us the most when working with Jill were her ability to work and connect with kids of different abilities and needs, her willingness to collaborate with our family and our family’s support team, her reliability, the use of measurable and appropriate goals, and her overall communication. She was clear, prompt, and concise with her communication. Jill always helped break down what we needed to work on each week and why we should work on that, which was extremely helpful when trying to navigate it all. She listened to us and included us in the problem solving on how to best support our children and incorporated that into the therapeutic approach. Our time with Jill and the progress our children made exceeded our expectations. We feel very lucky to have Jill as part of our team and on the journey with us to support our children’s development and help them flourish."

-Maura & Tyler M.

"Ms. Jill is absolutely amazing! Our daughter has been in speech therapy since very early in life; however, has had more than 2 years of growth in just one year with Ms. Jill. She has so many techniques and approaches to help children learn speech and language. Her ideas are endless when thinking of new strategies and leveraging on the strengths and likes of the child. She was able to develop rapport and gain our daughter's trust very quickly through her kind, fun play. She has a knack for instilling confidence and excitement so that our daughter stays engaged and focused on the tasks. She gives us the tools we need to help our daughter on a daily basis at home. Ms. Jill is exactly what our daughter needs and we are forever grateful for her expertise and kind heart!"

-Sarah M.

"My son has been with Jill Hess for 6 years now.  His speech has consistently improved with the help from Jill.  He is always excited to see her every week.  She makes learning fun and really adapts to the needs of the child.  She uses books, music, and play to make the therapy sessions entertaining.  Jill is knowledgeable with sign language, AAC communication devices, and verbal communication with the child.  She even taught my husband and I signs to communicate with our son.  I highly recommend Jill as her patience and love for kids shines throughout her work."

-Kristy S.

"My daughter has Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She started seeing her speech therapist, Jill Hess, in June of 2015 when she was 4 years old.  Jill has been instrumental in my daughter's passion to communicate verbally. My daughter's progress over the years has been tremendous thanks to Jill.  She is patient, caring and supportive and she knows how much potential my daughter has. Not only does Jill help with her verbal communication skills, but she takes the time to help my daughter with her communication device. I don’t know where my daughter would be today without Jill. She is an excellent speech therapist and I would highly recommend her for speech therapy services."

-Lindsay R.

"Jill is amazing at what she does! She is so kind and patient with my son. She plays games with him, which makes speech fun! I love the way she simplifies things, starts with the basics, and builds from there. Her approach makes overcoming speech errors very achievable for both child and parent. My son has had remarkable success under Jill’s guidance, not to mention, has gained tremendous confidence. We are forever grateful!"

- Blaise S.

"Jill Hess has been our speech therapist for all of my 3 children for the past 10 years.  I would HIGHLY recommend her to anybody that needs a speech therapist.  She has been so great with my kids that I practically consider her part of our family!! Jill is professional, thorough, knowledgeable and has amazing experience when dealing with speech issues.  She is kind, loving and patient in every session. I have been so grateful to have been able to work with Jill over all these years and she has helped each of my kids tremendously!!"

-Zana K.

"I have had the pleasure of having Jill Hess be the speech therapist for all three of my children. Jill brings her outgoing and fun personality, as well as, her knowledge and expertise to every speech therapy session. She engages the child with games and play, while also showing the parents how to work with their child between sessions. Overall, I have been beyond happy with the services Jill has provided our family and would recommend her to all of our family and friends."

- Katie W.

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